Heather’s Eyes

Heather’s Eyes

8 week online workshop
lesson 3
Simply Eyes

Ah, eyes, not hard to concentrate on since my daughter’s eyes are so beautiful! (and those eyelashes!! They are from her daddy not me, sadly) I like how in the main picture the focus of the image even though her eyes are closed. And I know how the second photo totally breaks all those lovely rules of composition we’ve just been talking about but when you are leaning over your crazy sand obsessed child and she looks up at you like that it’s a moment you certainly want to capture!
Image 1 – ISO 400, 50mm f/3.5 1/400 (outdoors with setting sun behind her)
Image 2 – ISO 400, 50mm f/2.5 1/650 (outdoors in early evening light)
Image 3 – ISO 800, 50mm f/2 1/80 (indoors with only window light)
Image 4 – an oldie but still one of my favourite photos ever, it’s my desktop picture πŸ™‚ ISO 400, 200mm f/5.3 1/160 (under shade on a sunny day)
Meanwhile, I can’t believe I’m only on “Week” three! Good thing I have six months to do this πŸ˜›

HeatherEyes-1 HeatherEyes AfterSchoolTreat HeatherEyes-2

I live in the beautiful hills of Perth with my husband and three year old daughter. I have degrees in history and law but am staying home for a few years to raise my gorgeous little girl. I love creative pursuits, be it creative play with my three year old, sewing, or my new passion - photography. I've owned a DSLR for about 6 years but have only just started to really explore it's capabilities (and mine!).


  1. Oh – and I realise in the first photo that the focus is on the right eye rather than the (closer) left one. The focusing habits of this camera are still driving me nuts, I have to really work hard on this.

  2. Lovely job Siobhan. You’re totally right she has beautiful eyes. And you’ve done a great job on capturing them. I personally don’t mind so much that the focus isn’t on the nearest eye in the first image. It probably would have done if her eyes had been open. I LOVE the peacefulness and calmness of that photo. It’s definitely a “feel good” and beautiful image. And it demonstrates perfectly the point that you don’t always have to have eye contact or even open eyes to get a great photo. Re the focus issues, is it the camera or the lens? Have you tried other lenses. Often the problem is with the lens rather than the camera. Here is a good test to do to find out if you have a problem: http://photographylife.com/how-to-quickly-test-your-dslr-for-autofocus-issues . If you do the test let me know how you go and if you do identify an issue with your camera or lens(es).

  3. I’ll have to try that when I’m home next week and have all my lenses. Obviously it must be an issue with the equipment, it can’t possibly be me πŸ™‚

    • Of course it’s the equipment. I never for a moment thought it was you πŸ™‚

  4. Your daughter has big beautiful brown eyesβ™₯. I especially love the first picture and how the sun is shining on her hair!

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