Heather on the beach

Heather on the beach

8 week online workshop – Getting to know you

I like that it is not just a straight on photograph and I love the light. There were others taken around the same time that are much darker. I don’t know why.


  1. Hi Janine and welcome. After the first two week’s lessons you should start to really understand exposure and why some photos are darker than others – and more importantly, how to control it!
    I love photos that are a little untraditional too. Shooting from unexpected angles can add lots of interest and impact to a photo.
    Heather is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing lots more photos from you.

  2. That’s gorgeous! I love unusual angles like this. Doesn’t look “pose-y” or cheesy at all. And my daughter’s name is Heather too!! Beautiful name for beautiful girls 🙂

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