Girls Boots

Girls Boots

Moments That Matter: lesson 1: topic 1: know your camera

being a stay at home mum I am always taking photos of my family or taking landscape pictures. After trying out all the modes on my camera I found I use Aperture Priority and landscape mode the most. The photo I have uploaded is of my daughters boots all at their different stages of their life using aperture mode, I wanted to try something different when taking this picture and to try out my DOF. This is the end result is f/stop f/5, exposure time 1/500 ISO 100.
The second photo I have loaded of the flower is using macro mode – F/5 exposure time 1/320 ISO 800

DSC02518 DSC05732


  1. Heidi, I love the story told by the photo of the boots. And really nice job on the DOF. A little tiny crop at the top (getting rid of the dark spot on the top left corner and the slight orange tinge along the top) would make a huge difference. If you were to do this shot again it would be great if you could avoid that line of shadow as well. Dark and bright elements in the background tend to draw our eye away form the main subject. The flower is nice as well. The composition is good and the focus looks spot on. Well done and I’m glad you have joined us.

    • Thanks for the feedback Robyn, now that you have pointed that out I can see what you mean and will be more aware of shadows:-)

  2. Lovely photos. The concept of the boots is wonderful – one for memories in years to come.

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