Further Edits

Further Edits

Hi Robyn

I have been practicing all of the lessons so far, and these are three of the best images that I have managed to edit. Not entirely happy with the beach shot – there was way too much sand and food on her face for me to effectively clean up! I am finding that I am mastering some of the effects quite well with a little more practice, and there are still a few functions (especially back lighting fixes and fixing under and over exposed images that I need to work on).

DSC_1473_ED_sidebyside DSC_2178_ED_sidebyside DSC_3244_ED_sidebyside


  1. One thing you get better at after doing a lot of editing is making sure the face is fairly clean when you click the shutter. I always carry a packet of wet wipes on a photo shoot. It’s SO MUCH easier to quickly give the face a wipe than to do hours of painstaking editing to remove it in Photoshop. 🙂
    Keep practicing. Under and over expoisure are very common problems and while it’s great to get it right in camera, you can often save an image if you have mastered the editing techniques. AND backlighting fixes are hard!!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Oh and I meant to say your backlighting fix here is great.

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