frames & turtles

frames & turtles

8 week online workshop
lesson 3

The ‘framing’ part for pictures isn’t too hard around here, with so many trees, and the cattle yards, which is what I have chosen here. Unfortunately it is still too hot to be outside in the middle of the day, so I took these images in the morning, and the shadows from the wooden rails are quite visible. In the image I chose of Lou walking down the ramp her face is out of the shadow and she is framed by the rails on either side. Likewise with the image of her sitting at the top of the ramp.
The pictures with the turtle are my favourite. With the dam drying back the turtles are heading off trying to find alternative bodies of water in which to live. Unfortunately the closest water is many kilometres away, and I don’t know if they are making it. We tried rescuing them, but they escaped before we could get them up to the next dam. We did rescue one little one… Anyway this is one of the larger turtles that we found on our airstrip. The girls were full of excitement, and wonder, and I hope that this is visible in the images. I can see it, but that may just be because I was there 🙂

family-turtle lou-db-turtle lou-sit-ramp lou-ramp

Mum to 2 little girls. Live & work on a cattle station in Queensland. Have only been 'on the land' for the past 5 years - before that I was a Marketing Manger for a regional airline, then I met a grazier, fell in love, and moved away from it all :)


  1. Oh those poor turtles. You certainly live in a place where life can be hard. Love the framing ones because you not only have frames but you have leading lines that draw the eye towards Lou. I think the shadows on the rails actually help in this. I like the first one better because you’ve amputated her feet in the second one 🙂 .
    The turtle shots are perfect examples of using a triangle shape. This is a lovely composition to use on groups of people as you have done here. And I can certainly see the wonder and excitement the girls were feeling. Well done.

  2. You can definitely sense the excitement in the shots with the turtles (although I also think “poor turtles!”) The cattle yards are a leading lines goldmine, you’ll be able to have so much fun with those! I really like the first photo of Louise sitting, and I think the shadows add to it.

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