Forcing Myself to Break the Rules

Forcing Myself to Break the Rules

Moments That Matter: lesson 5: topic 2: break the rules of composition

After working so hard on learning the rules to deliberately break them was a tough exercise at first, then it became rather fun.
Image 1: iso 400, shutter 1/40, ap 3.26
Really happy with this shot as there is no way before taking this course that I could have done so.
taken at 4.30pm in the bush on a winter’s afternoon I wouldn’t have been able to get as much light into my camera.
To me this picture represents all the fumbling and stretching. Breaking the rules of thirds

Image 2: iso 100, shutter 1/80, ap 3.26
So funny after all the years of getting blurry pictures now deliberately doing so, it was strange. Though in this pic not all is blurry just the racing child which is how I wanted it. Perhaps a bit too much light, still taken late in the afternoon so as the first image a major step

Image 3: iso 100, shutter 1/500, ap 3.26
Taking on an angle, the fence line, the shadow lines and the tree all help to demonstrate that.
Sebastian has too much shade on his face but his smile of glee was lovely

Image 4: iso 400, shutter 1/200, ap 3.26
Taken on an angle, crouching below. Whilst there is too much exposure on Genevieve’s face (prob should of had it set to 200) I just loved the angle of the shot, it did make an ordinary picture something far more special

breaking-rules-1 breaking-rules-2 breaking-rule-3 breaking-rules-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. Hi Erin, the idea of this lesson is to have some fun. I’ve been pretty rigid about learning the rules. But photography shouldn’t be a chore. We do it because it’s fun, enjoyable and rewarding. So now you know how to use the rules and know you can break them when you feel like it. Well done with these. Yes, there are some slight issues with exposure in a couple of them but now you can go back and practice because you know how to fix this. Keep practicing!
    p.s. my favourite is the last one. It’s very cool.

    • Oh it’s the creative part that is a challenge for me, I’m not naturally wired creatively but with lots of work I’m growing:)
      And it is rewarding and learning so much all the time
      Glad you like no 4:)

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