florals in twilight

florals in twilight

Camera Basics

This is a series of photos designed to test the metering modes of my Canon 600D. The camera was set to Av so shutter speed was determined by the camera. I set the arpeture to f6.3 which seemed to be the right setting for maintaining the vibrance in the colours. This was also taken with a newly purchased lens – 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3.


this was set to spot metering and I aligned the rectangular guide to the stigma and style for this shot. I think it is the best of the bunch.


This photo was set to partial metering and composed with a focus on the petals.


this first shot was taken on the default setting – evaluative. I found the image underexposed with a lot of brightness in the sky.


the metering mode here was centre weighted.

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  1. Nice work Rosemary (and apologies again for the technical difficulties yesterday)
    It’s great to see the difference that the various metering modes make. It’s understandable that spot metering worked best in this situation as you have lots of variation in light and shade and the light seems to come mainly from the back (with a touch of side lighting as well). The spot metering makes sure that your main element of the image (the flower) is correctly exposed. Centre weighted also seems to have given you a pretty good result.
    Lovely vibrant colours as well and good depth of field in the close ups.

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