Finally able to use what I’ve learned!

Finally able to use what I’ve learned!

8 week online workshop
lesson 6
Thinking lifestyle

The last two days have finally been nice enough to get outside!! I finally have a chance to use all the things I learned throughout the lessons so far! I spent two days remembering all the things and practicing with them. You’ll see throughout the 4 selected photos the different parts of different lessons – especially ones I didn’t get to spend much time on (like sun flare) because of cloudy horrible winter weather. I’m including them in the lifestyle section because I specifically set the kids up outside in good light with as little distraction as I could have a say in. I also saw a tip from Robin about shooting in multiple mode instead of single shot. This made a huge difference in catching the right moments, but took a little getting used to it taking more than one shot. I kept moving too soon. I love so many of the photos I got.

The first photo was ISO 800 1/250 and f4.5. It was sunset. I was so glad to have caught her smiling in that moment!

The others were this afternoon, all around 1/1250 f4.5 and ISO 200.

I’m uploading from my phone (I saved them off my Facebook page haha) so I don’t know what the quality will be like.

Thank you so much Robin! It’s amazing the difference since I started taking your courses! I can’t wait to learn more!

image image1 image2 image3

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  1. And again I totally mixed up the photo order haha.
    Sawyer in the wagon was this afternoon f4.5 1/1250 and ISO 200
    Evelyn on her bike and the scooter one was last night f4.5 ISO 800 1/250
    Logan walking was today 1/1250 f4.5 ISO 200

  2. Yay for you – I’m glad the weather is getting nicer. I was going to comment on the sharpness in the eyes in the image of Sawyer but I see that you uploaded them from Facebook so chances are this has caused a bit of blur from the lower quality file. Only one suggestion with this one. If you crop a little tighter you’ll cut out the back of the other person and draw more emphasis onto Sawyer by eliminating that distraction.
    I love the colour and movement you’ve captured in these. They do tell a story of getting out and having fun after a long cold winter 🙂
    The image of Evelyn on her scooter could be enhanced in editing to make the colours pop a little more. I’m working on a video tutorial for lesson 8 to cover backlighting and lens flare that will help.
    I love the one of Logan walking. He looks like he’s having a great time. Nice moment captured!

    • Thanks Robin. Got to a computer and wow – guess with that many downloads and saves it doesn’t keep very good quality! Guess I won’t be doing that again! But that Sawyer photo seems to have suffered the worst unfortunately. In the computer file it is much sharper. I wondered if by cropping it closer, it would lose the wagon? Or perhaps a person wouldn’t know that it was a wagon? Maybe I’ll try it anyway and see how it looks. I’ll look forward to learning how to enhance the colors in the scooter photo. I was playing with it some but I was just making it worse instead of better. So I went back to the original and left it as is haha.

      • I meant Robyn – it’s 4:30am, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  3. This is bothering me. I may have to reupload these later today!

  4. These are all so good, they really capture the moments beautifully. I particularly love the one of Evelyn on her scooter, but that’s because I have a real thing for backlighting and the hazy, dreamy quality it produces like this. Really goes well with the composition of her facing away and the lovely line of the road with the piles of snow (you said it’s warming up?? ha ha).
    Lovely pictures and super cute kids 🙂

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