8 week online workshop
lesson 5

I love eyes. I knew most of this information so for me it was most important to practice putting it all into play – which I don’t do enough of. The first image (the close up) is my favorite, but I don’t like that I can see myself in her eyes, I can see me taking the photo, my window, my couch and the pillow on the floor next to me… But her eyes are in focus so that’s the main thing. The second image posed a question for me going back a lesson or two… When using the rule of thirds, does it need to be exact on an intersection or line, or is it ok that it’s really close? The third image (B&W) I included because it’s not straight on and she isn’t looking in the camera. The fourth image (blue background) I just really like of her so I included it.

IMG_1759 IMG_1746 IMG_1738 IMG_1734

27 years old from Saint Paul MN (US). I have a 3 year old daughter, a son in heaven who would be 2, and 1 year old identical twin sons! I've been with my husband for 10 years but we've only been married since August 2013. I have always loved photography and just 5 months ago upgraded from my point n shoot to a canon t3 DSLR. I'm in love!


  1. Oh and I forgot – These were taken at f5.6 1/100ss and ISO 800.

  2. Haha, I love it when I see my reflection in eyes. It’s a sure indication that you’ve nailed the focus.
    I also call them my self portraits 🙂 And to be honest no-one else ever notices. What they do notice is that the eyes sparkle.
    Re the rule of thirds: close enough is good enough. No-one is going to get out a ruler and measure. They’re more likely to say I love that photo without really even knowing why. So if it looks good to you and looks balanced that’s what counts.
    They are all beautiful portraits. Really well done.

    • Thanks for clearing that up Robyn, I figured close was good enough, but wasn’t sure if the brain could register the difference…

      I guess self portraits are a good thing then, I’m more of a “behind the camera” kind of person so seeing me show up in the photo threw me off haha!

  3. These are beautiful photos She has beautiful eyes. Xx

  4. These are lovely, Samantha. Such beautiful dark eyes and a cheeky grin – these really show those two features off. I often find I can see myself reflected in Heather’s eyes when I take photos of her but I think like Robyn says you’re the only one who really notices. The problem is, once you have noticed you tend not to be able to look beyond it! But I didn’t notice your reflection until you pointed it out.

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