Exposure Compensation – Playing Around

Exposure Compensation – Playing Around

Moments That Matter: lesson 2: topic 5: exposure compensation

Really, really found this lesson fun and enlightening! Playing with the different settings I was amazed to literally see the differences!! Found that I was happiest in shutter setting.

exp-com-1 exp-comp-2 exp-comp-3 exp-comp-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. So glad that you enjoyed this one. A lot of people struggle with exposure compensation. If possible can I see your camera settings as I see a couple of issues and I’f like to see if I can identify what caused them,

  2. Robyn
    I guess I liked it cause I could really see the difference when I played with changing the exposure

    1) iso 400, aperture 3.36, f stop 4.2, shutter 1/2000
    2) iso 400, aperture 3.36, f stop 4.5, shutter 1/170
    3) iso 400, aperture 3.36, f stop 5.4, shutter 1/1600
    4) iso 400, aperture 3.36, f stop 5.1, shutter 1/1600

    btw for a long time my camera has seemed sooo slow compared to my daughter’s dslr, subject has moved before photo has clicked
    just realised in a correspondence with daughter that this isn’t happening as much, I’m assuming this is cause I’m off auto and changing shutter speed?

  3. The boy on the bike is my favourite in this collection. His melancholy expression gives an element of mystery or wonder and has a daydream effect. I would have cropped the bike to the right of the photo in post production and darkened the exposure slightly so he doesnt look so washed out against the light background.

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