Exploring Rodd Point

Exploring Rodd Point

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
Know your camera

My family has lived in this area for generations and going to Rodd Point and exploring the rock pools was one of my favourite things to do as a young child. Yesterday afternoon Tiffany and I jumped on our scooters and scooted around here for a play.

I took my camera and two lenses. The main photo is taken with a 50mm lens, the others are taken with a manual 100mm lens. I’m enjoying the challenge of getting the focus right on the manual lens, although it can be tricky when Tiffany starts moving quickly. I found it a hard area to shoot at – she was moving everywhere so quickly and whenever I switched to a different side of her she took off – meaning I didn’t get many photos of her face as she looked in the rock pools.

I found that I’m feeling more and more confident with my camera – knowing whether I want to adjust my shutter speed, aperture etc. I used to get frustrated when I was turning the dials the wrong way all the time, it is starting to come more naturally.

Although the sailing ramp in the background is a bit annoying in the first photo, it’s a perfect example of how she moved so quickly. By the time I moved to the other side, she was off the rock! I also find that it isn’t that annoying either, just part of the location.

I really like the one on the sand as well – I like the lines that the stairs create.

I think the other two photos are just a smidge off focus. Nearly there, but not quite right.

I found this outing to be great for looking at what I’m doing wrong. There were a number of shots where Tiffany’s feet were missing a little bit and I found it frustrating. I’m certainly going to keep an eye on limb-chopping in the future.

Looking forward to diving into this course!

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I'm a full time stay at home mum to a gorgeous three year old. In a previous life I was a primary school teacher, teaching at a private girls school in Sydney. I may do a little bit of casual teaching in the near future. I'm in my mid-30s (how did I get here so quickly??) and have been married to Adam for almost 12 years.


  1. Yay! Michelle has joined us. Welcome Michelle.
    And off to a great start too. These are all lovely and it’s good to see the beautiful Tiffany. Your exposure is good in all of these and I like your composition. And well done with using manual focus. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to rely on it that I think I’d struggle these days too. As you’ll get used to me saying practice, practice, practice 🙂
    And by the way I don’t think the sailing ramp is too much of a distraction as it adds context to the photo.

  2. These are all really lovely! The colours are gorgeous and the lighting just beautiful. Great pictures.

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