Editing Pops

Editing Pops

Moments That Matter: lesson 8: topic 2: the basics

Prior to editing, these two pics I watched and read all the tutorials you recommended. Oh wow did I learn some quicker tricks than I was doing, but slowly my eye started seeing the differences between pre-edit and after. More obvious edits I was of course aware but the exposure, colours and sharpness after watching several tuts I could really see the difference, which I applied with my editing of many of the pics I’d previously submitted to the course.

Image 1 – I had submitted for the backlighting lesson. I’d always loved that pic how Genevieve’s hair was backlit and how I’d captured catchlights on her eyes.
shutter 1/500, iso 200

Image 2 – To edit I cropped so to follow rule of thirds, played with exposure, colours and sharpness. This popped her just that bit more which does make a difference. Her eyes pop a little and her skin tone glows. Though the background is a bit sharper too, I would have preferred that to stay soft.

Image 3 – This was a photo that had me so excited as I managed to keep Siena soft at the front but blurred the background for the first time ever. I’d captured Siena’s soft skind, her gorgeous eyelashes and catchlights on her eyes, yet also had some lovely colour pop but not too much to distract from her.
shutter 1/50 iso 100

Image 4 – To edit I cropped rule of thirds, played with exposure, colours and sharpness. This popped Siena slightly which I can notices, her skin tone stayed soft but the surrounding colours popped, Siena just stands out that little bit more.

backlighting-2 editing-update-1b breaking-depth-3 editing-update-2b

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.

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  1. It’s nice when you have a photo you love to just make sure you make the most of it. I like these edits – nice and subtle. I’m not a fan of obvious editing so I think you’ve done well. Once you’ve mastered PicMonkey you may feel you need a bit more control. The image where the background sharpened when you did not want it to will always be problem with the free version of PicMonkey. Upgrading to the Rayale version will give you a few more options but will never give you the kind of flexibility that Photoshop or similar can give you. In the long term you might want to consider Photoshop Elements (I’m pretty sure you can still get a free trial if you want to check out if it’s right for you). Also keep in mind though that programs like Photoshop Elements are more complex and have a bigger learning curve than PicMonkey so might not be what you want.

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