Duluth 2013

Duluth 2013

8 week online workshop – Getting to know you

I took this photo using my camera for the first time. I was trying to stay off of the “auto” setting. I was standing very far away when I took this.



  1. HI JAIME!!!!!!!!!
    Robyn, this is my niece and nephew!!!

    • I was like “YAY DULUTH! Someone in MN!” haha then I saw the photo….. Eeep I’m so excited!

    • Hello Miss Samantha 🙂

    • Oh cool. Did you know Jaime had signed up?

      • I didn’t!! I saw the Duluth title and got excited, then I saw my nephew’s face 🙂

      • I had sent her to your site and talked about the 21 day challenge before, yet was still surprised to see this 🙂

        • I had signed up for the 10 tips. And of course didn’t have a chance to touch them. Than I got the email for this course and had one day to get the promotional price and figured why not? Might as well jump in with both feet 🙂

    • Hi and welcome Jaime, lovely to have you join us. And it sounds like Samantha is a BIT excited 🙂
      Well done for getting this lovely shot on your first try with your camera. It’s a lovely moment you’ve captured. It intrigued me because I kept looking at it and wondering just what he is thinking.
      And you can say goodbye to Auto! After the first lesson topic you’ll never have to see that nasty setting again!

      • Hi and thanks! Sam is fun ha ha. She is my sister in law. She has literally taught me everything I know about my camera and it’s because of her I have even able to get some cool shots 🙂 I’m very excited to try new things and learn new things! And I can’t wait to see what my camera is really capable of 🙂

        • I’m glad you decided to do this too 🙂

      • I should say this wasn’t the very first time I had used my camera. I had been playing with it off and on before this. But this day I brought it with to really use it. My goal was to stay off of auto and to try out my different lens’. I did that for the most part. I had trouble with staying off of auto when I went into the building. The only setting that I could get a good picture with was auto.

        • No worries, Robyn will teach you what the settings do so you can not use Auto inside anymore 🙂

  2. P.S. Jaime, this is a cool shot. I love his eye peaking through like that. I kinda wish I could see Cheyenne’s face, but it doesn’t ruin it for me because my focus goes straight to his eye.

    • I don’t know why her face isn’t showing :/ I’ll try and upload again.

  3. How do I upload another picture? Or change this one?

  4. Jaime. Don’t worry I’ll fix the photo. This site uses a horizontal photo at the top of the post so a vertical one will get chopped. When you upload for the activities the photo will also be added full size below your text.

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