Cupcake treat

Cupcake treat

8 week online workshop
lesson 2
More Camera Settings

On our way home from ballet this afternoon I bought Tiffany a cupcake. She thought it was so beautiful and asked me to take a photo of it. By the time I picked up the camera she had it unwrapped and was starting to demolish it! She was so quick that I didn’t have time to adjust the camera settings – my white balance was set for outside still so I adjusted it in lightroom (my free trial is about to run out…oh dear!)

The main photo I just like. The head tilt, the cheeky grin which shows the enjoyment of the cake…it just seems to capture the moment perfectly.

I like the focus of the second photo, this is one of the photos I took of the cupcake – given she’d asked me to take a photo of it I thought it was better to have it in focus.

The next two – I noticed the little bit of icing oh her nose and mentioned it to her. She beamed. And then the smile disappeared. Not sure which one I prefer.

Camera Settings – 50mm 1.8 lens, manual mode, Kelvin white balance, spot metering, shot in RAW and JPEG (sorry, didn’t want to switch everything back to auto – if I wait until I do that I’ll never move forward in the lessons!)
Main photo – ISO 640, f/4.5, 1/125
Cupcake photo – ISO 640, f/4, 1/125
Smile and no smile – ISO 640, f/3.5, 1/125

cake-1-2 cake-1 cake-2 cake-3

I'm a full time stay at home mum to a gorgeous three year old. In a previous life I was a primary school teacher, teaching at a private girls school in Sydney. I may do a little bit of casual teaching in the near future. I'm in my mid-30s (how did I get here so quickly??) and have been married to Adam for almost 12 years.


  1. Michelle. Wonderful. I absolutely love the moments you’ve captured of Miss Tiffany. The expressions on her face are priceless!
    You have chosen very difficult lighting conditions to take these. I feel that the skin tones are a little underexposed but that is really hard to avoid with backlighting that bright. You’ll get plenty of chances to practice this in upcoming lessons.
    And, really it’s the moments that matter and you’ve really nailed that 🙂

    • Looking forward to learning more about lighting. But that bright backlighting you can see is from 7 metre wide bi fold doors. Our house has lots of windows and lots of light. From when the sun rises until it sets there is light pouring in the windows. And that is the seat that Tiffany sits in to eat. Always. And I guess its best to keep her there rather than switch her to the other end of the table where you’d just see the all the mess in the kitchen!

      Thanks for your encouraging comments!

  2. I think I like the one when the smile disappeared better brilliant expressions

  3. The image with the cupcake in focus is my favourite – it tells the story to me, and we still get to see your little ballerina. All of the images are really lovely though.

  4. My favourite is the third one. I love the soft focus and the beautiful smile so carefree.

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