Creative and angles and cropping

Creative and angles and cropping

Moments That Matter: lesson 5: topic 2: break the rules of composition

I played around with breaking a few of the rules and these are the pictures I liked the best, or at least found most interesting 🙂

Clare’s image was taken on the trampoline – I was lying down and she was ‘space walking’ around me. It is taken very much off balance, but I don’t mind it. Quite a lot of the off kilter images make me feel dizzy, but this one doesn’t seem to do that. Possibly because there isn’t a horizon in it I guess.

The first image of Louise was taken with me lying down (must have been tired that day – I seem to have been lying down a lot!) underneath her swing, and she was lying on the seat swinging backwards and forwards over the top of me. She had a lovely natural smile, but it was very hard to capture images I was happy with. This wasn’t the picture I set out to take, but I like it still.

The final image I deliiberated about including. It was taken on the trampoline and you can see the pole and the seam in the netting in the background. I guess this gives it reference – you know it is on a trampoline, but perhaps I should have tried to get Lou to bounce further to her right, so the pole was positioned differently? I like the happiness in her mouth, and the ‘jumping arms’ 🙂

unusual-angle-cb unusal-cropping-lb creative-cropping

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  1. Sarah these are fun. I often like images that are unusually composed and I do like these. It’s good to take these type of images sometimes just to see what you get. Sometimes you’ll love them and sometimes not. And sometimes it’s just good to be able to lay down 🙂 Keep throwing in some “break the rules” photos every so often. If you don’t like the results delete and try again. And I don’t mind the trampoline pole – it does add context and “story” to the image. Well done with this assignment.

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