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My 3year old son at the beach, searching for shells. On a winter’s day, taken about 2pm. Warm enough day that the children went swimming (but then they’re crazier than I)
I like Sebastian’s concentration on his task, the light on his face highlights how soft his skin still is.
not quite rule of thirds but nearly.
the still water behind highlights his contemplation.

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.

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  1. Welcome Erin. Glad to see you here. This image is nicely composed and you’re right good use of the rule of thirds. The light in Winter is usually lovely and soft (you’ll see lots more about this in upcoming lessons) which means you don’t get as many harsh shadows. However, this image would be even better if you’d angled his face a little more towards the light so that you avoided the shade on his face. This would allow us to see more of his lovely face. Other than that, well done, this is a lovely image. I hope we see more soon.

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