City on the horizon

City on the horizon

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
topic 2: more camera settings

I really enjoy night photography. My desire is to get a clearer shot at night.
In the first photo I had an ISO of 200 with a long exposure but couldn’t capture the night sky detail
I don’t like the second one because I used a higher ISO but it has too much noise in the picture.
I had (white balance, metering on Auto
I used auto focus to get my picture in focus then switched to MF in order to take the night shot with the long exposure
I prefer to shoot highest quality JPG as I don’t know how to tweak my photo’s yet …

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I'm a SAHM of three. I have been home educating for 15 years. Photography is a new hobby after being gifted a DSLR two years ago. Am wanting more control over my pictures so I don't have to take loads of photographs to get one good image.


  1. Hi Chareen,

    I don’t know much about night photography but could you have used a slower shutter speed with an ISO of 100 or 200. I know you said you used a long exposure but I wonder if it was long enough.

    I like the warmer tones in the first photo. It helps to evoke the feeling of a lovely calm night

  2. Hi Chareen, these are both a bit underexposed, especially the first one. Let me know your shutter speed as I agree with Michelle that it’s perhaps not long enough. You’d need a quite long shutter speed to get any detail coming out in the sky because there is not much light at all. It’s nicely composed and has a nice balance to it though. If you het a chance to try again let us know how you go.

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