Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking

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I think I like this photo mostly because it reminds me of a really fun day I spent with my son at a local orchard. He and I both think the cherry trees are beautiful. I like the way the texture of the tree trunk is clear. I think the sky peeking through the branches is too bright.


By Geri
I'm mom to three sons and a daughter, ranging in age from elementary school to college! I'm also a teacher in a special needs preschool class at a Headstart program in New York, USA. I've always wanted to learn how to use the digital camera that was a gift to our family a number of years ago. I'm looking forward to its mysterious buttons and controls becoming less intimidating!


  1. Whoops, I accidentally uploaded a cropped version of this photo! (Is there any way I could easily switch it?)

  2. The photo cropped because of the size of the header image for the top of the post on this website. Your photo is quite large so it cropped it to fit in. I have added the full image below in a smaller size. For image uploads for each topic the site will automatically put the smaller images in as well.
    I love that you chose this image partly because of the memories it bought back. To me that’s the #1 joy of photography – capturing those memories. And we’ll go through how to avoid little things like the bright white (clipped) areas where the sun is really bright. Lovely image. Well done!

  3. Thats a lovely photo looks like a lovely day x

  4. This looks like some great memories were had. I really like this shot (even with the bright sky).

  5. I like both images…the cropped one draws my attention to your son and the cherry he is holding as well as the cherries to the left of him, which just look delicious. In the full size image I’m drawn to the detail in the tree trunk and those cherries in the bottom right hand corner…beautiful!

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