Challenge 8

Challenge 8

Normally I wouldn’t share the main picture here, because the quality isn’t that good. But it show’s that using the histogram to watch exposure helped me get a more accurate photo. Plus I love that Sawyer is interested in what Evelyn is doing and Logan is interested in what Sawyer is eating. The other two shared photos are to show what many of my histograms look like. I took the actual histogram photo on my camera, I don’t get why my histograms are so uneven. This one peaks at the dark then peaks again at the highlights. Is that because of the black pants and the highlights on the skin? It’s rare that I get a histogram that has any sort of a “mountain” shape…

DPP_0556 IMG_0640 DPP_0538

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  1. OK I’ll admit I’m a little (no actually a lot) stumped by this. I can understand why the peak in the shadows – it’s the black pants. But there appears to be more mid-tones than highlights so it should be more peaked in the middle. The only thing I can see from the photo of your LCD is that you appear to have +5 exposure compensation. However +5 is a massive amount of compensation and I’d expect the photo to be totally over exposed and it isn’t. I’d like to see some more histograms and their images to see if I can tell what’s happening. If you want to try some more and upload them (you can upload through the lesson more than once) I’ll see if I can help.

    • I thought that same thing about the midtones/highlights of this histogram, the dark tones made sense to me too. It makes me feel better that I’m struggling to fully understand the histogram business, many of my histograms look like this! I just cannot figure out exactly what is going on. I did notice though, that when I put them into photoshop (elements 8) the histogram looks much different than it did on my camera – that could be something totally different, or it could signal a setting on my camera maybe? I also wondered about the exposure compensation – it seems to be doing very little sometimes, I have yet to see a photo come out super over exposed because of it. I don’t usually change the exposure compensation that much but it was completely dark outside when I took these photos and my lighting in my living room is not nearly bright enough, so I kept bumping it way up to try to brighten the photos up a bit. I’d be happy to send you some more histogram/photos. I’ll upload some more tomorrow (my time haha) with the photo itself and a photo of the histogram. Maybe if I upload a few and you can figure it out, someone else maybe helped too…

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