Challenge 3

Challenge 3

camera basics and understanding exposure
lesson/module/challenge 3

1st picture was ISO 100 shutter 1/400 ap 3.5
2nd picture was ISO 100 Shutter 1/400 ap 8.0
3rd picture was ISO 100 shutter 0″3 ap 8.0
when I turned ISO to 800 It was so over exposed it was completely white as when i decreased shutter speed

IMG_8922 IMG_8924 IMG_8925

Stay at home Mum of 4 and full time carer of our eldest who has Lissencephaly. Live in rural area and away from friends and family so need some hobbies to keep me sane so photography is it at the moment...

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  1. Good examples of exposure control. And you got exactly the results I would expect. Hopefully it’s all starting to make sense. Lovely rose by the way!

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