Challenge 2

Challenge 2

camera basics and understanding exposure
lesson/module/challenge 2

Took some photos of 2 of my kids, My son teaching my daughter his unicycle, shame about background

IMG_8875 IMG_8861 IMG_8868 IMG_8869

Stay at home Mum of 4 and full time carer of our eldest who has Lissencephaly. Live in rural area and away from friends and family so need some hobbies to keep me sane so photography is it at the moment...

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  1. Hi Shaz,
    You’ve captured some lovely moments between your children.
    You’re right about the background. But sometimes you cant control that. When they are doing something photographable you need to shoot it no matter where they are. Perhaps some time you could ask them to have a unicycle lesson outdoors against a nice background so you can have another go at this.

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