Challenge 1 pics

Challenge 1 pics

Hot 44 degree day here, so hard to get the kids to want to do photos, and I wanted to as there wasn’t much else to do. Love the way the water and my son were captured, just need to learn to edit photo’s now to. The other ones I like as well especially how they capture our son’s happy face.




Stay at home Mum of 4 and full time carer of our eldest who has Lissencephaly. Live in rural area and away from friends and family so need some hobbies to keep me sane so photography is it at the moment...


  1. One of the most rewarding things about photographing your kids is capturing the emotions and the moments. You’ve done that really well with these photos. Nice use of shutter speed to capture the water spray.

    And hold on we’ll be doing some editing in the 8 week online workshop. What (if anything) do you use for editing?

  2. I dont really use any editing software but I do no how to crop but thats it so I will learn so much over the next few months

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