This photo was a exercise in getting used to the depth of field and auto-focus modes on my camera. I stayed on manual so I could also adjust exposure and ISO levels. In the end, I merged 2 photos of the same subject to emphasise the in-focus laced ribbon and bow and out-of focus glass edge and background.



  1. Hi Rosemary, Thanks for sharing. Once you’ve fully mastered aperture and depth of field you will very rarely need to merge 2 images to get the effect you want. Depending on the maximum aperture you can get on your lens you should be able to get the ribbon in focus and the top of the glass out of focus. I applaud you for your post processing skills to do this though as it’s not always easy to get a good and realistic result. The image seems to have a blue colour cast. Did you shoot it using artificial light? I don’t mid the colour as it gives the image a dreamy feel that goes well with the subject matter. You’ve cropped it a little tight on the right and bottom for my liking. A little more space on those edges would have made it adhere closer to the rule of thirds. However this is fairly subjective and everyone has different preferences. I look forward to seeing more as you progress through the course.

  2. Thanks Robyn – a agree with the tight cropping – the latest photo Ive put up had no cropping at all – it was all camera composition. I have a Canon D600 with a 50mm 1.4f-stop lens. I found that when I got too close to a subject, I was unable to focus at all – is this a function of the lens or camera?

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