8 week online workshop
lesson 2
3: movement

I thought that I could experiment with different shutter speeds at the bowling alley, but it proved more difficult than I expected. The lighting was less than ideal. I tried to try to capture the pins falling down, but didn’t bring my zoom lens and they were very dark. (I was focused on capturing Ryan’s first time bowling). Instead I took pictures of the bowlers. The first shot is my dad, taken with me 35mm at 1/160s, F/4.5 and ISO3200. It is grainy and his hand looks blurred. I had trouble trying to focus on him as he moved, so I probably should have taken it off of single-point focus. The second shot is Ryan, also with my 35mm at 3200 ISO, but at 1/250s and F/3.2. I think that speed worked a little better. I’m anxious for our temperatures to get above freezing so we can do more things outside and use some daylight in my photos!

bowling bowlingRyan

My husband, John, and I have been blessed with two wonderful children. Ryan is 4 and Rebecca is 1 and they keep me very busy, but I love it. We live outside of Washington D.C. with our dog Cooper.

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