Auto v. Semi Auto

Auto v. Semi Auto

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
Auto v. Semi Auto

Daughter on her own was in full auto. 2 kids semi auto. Will have to work harder to get them both in focus.

2 girls shutter speed 400, ISO 800.



  1. Hi Janine,
    Firstly you have two gorgeous daughters.
    I assume you used aperture priority as your semi automatic mode. If so, and you used a large aperture (small number) this may be why both girls are not in focus. With two children in the image it’s a good idea to have an aperture of about f8 or more. You will learn a lot more about aperture settings and depth of field in upcoming lessons that will definitely help.
    I love the moment you’ve captured with the girls. They look like they’re having fun.

    p.s. your images didn’t display properly at first because you used a % in the file name. For some reason this causes issues with websites. I deleted it and they were fine.

  2. Thanks Robyn. I won’t do the % again. My original pic was nearly 4MB. Hubby likes it on the highest setting. I am so far behind. For me this has been a huge learning curve and had to have hubby teach me to use it. He can only find the quick reference manual. When the pictures don’t look good I give it to him to fix. Hence this course!
    So many new features to use. I was always just a point and click kinda girl.

    • Janine, don’t stress. Work through it at a pace you feel comfortable with. And ask lots of questions.

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