And the monkey sings…

And the monkey sings…

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Outdoor craft. We are in a corner of our backyard. It was about 1:15pm and we were in the last pocket of shade.
What I like about this photo:
– the colours work well together: her apron is vibrant, matching the vibrant attitude she has in this shot, the green of her chair matches the green in the apron
– The catchlights in her eyes
– How I’ve captured the absolute joy as she makes up a song about a monkey singing.
– She’s centred. I know rule of thirds is important for composition but with her arm positioning and her head right in the centre I feel the photo works. If one of her arms was chopped off to get the rule of thirds I don’t think this would work as well.
What I’m unsure about:
– Some of the background is a little bright. But I’m not sure how to overcome this given the time of day we were shooting. This is a great photography corner in our backyard, much nicer than looking at the washing on the clothesline, the trampoline or the carport and garage.I think the green bokeh in the tree looks nice, but the spot above her head I’d probably want to tone down with editing. And perhaps the straight line too (stainless steel handrail at our entry gate).

Camera settings – ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/200, WB 9090K

I'm a full time stay at home mum to a gorgeous three year old. In a previous life I was a primary school teacher, teaching at a private girls school in Sydney. I may do a little bit of casual teaching in the near future. I'm in my mid-30s (how did I get here so quickly??) and have been married to Adam for almost 12 years.


  1. Hi Michelle and welcome! This is lovely. I totally agree with all of your “likes”. I also agree that cropping to the rule of thirds would make this photo quite awkward. Rules are meant to be broken 🙂
    There is probably not much you can do with the background. It would be different on an overcast day or different times of the day. But capturing the moment is far more important than being technically perfect in photography. And, yes, you could certainly do a few minor tweaks in editing that would make a difference.

  2. I agree catchlights in her eyes are beautiful, pic captures her happiness 🙂

  3. Thats a beautiful picture. She reminds me of my cousin when she was little beautiful x

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