Adjusting the Colour of Light

Adjusting the Colour of Light

Moments That Matter: lesson 4: topic 4: the colour of light

Oh wow, a whole new game changer. Colours began to be alot crisper when I ‘got it’ other times I was playing and playing with settings and checking and re-taking but by the end I was starting to get colours I was much happier with.

Image 1 – iso 800 shutter 1/30 ap 3.26
Taken about 7am on a rainy morning. Had the spot metering set to multi and the hardlight set to shade (tree was in shade of house)
Took many photos playing with the settings.
Was happy with the colours and so pleased to catch the raindrops.

Image 2 – iso 800 shutter 1/30 ap 3.26
taken at night in the kitchen, spot metering set to multi, hardlight set to fluro 1.
not the happiest with this but better than any of the others I took, there’s something appealing and much to critize, showing the ugly.

Image 3 – iso 200 shutter 1/500 ap 3.26
landscape from our back deck taken midmorning – took several shots throughout the day and on different settings to see the effect.
this hardlight setting was on day,

Image 4 – iso 200 shutter 1/500 ap 3.26
taken the same time as the previous image but hardlight setting on tungsten, so interesting to see the diff.

Another ‘interesting’ I’m seeing is sometimes looking into the camera screen I think a photo is okay but when I load up can be disappointed.

colour-light-1 colour-light-2 colour-light-3 colour-light-4

By Erin
Erin, married to my Prince Charming, mum of 10, wannabe photographer. Living on a property on the North Coast of NSW.


  1. I love the contrast in the third and fourth images. Setting to Tungsten gave a really unusual, cool and quite artistic look to the photo. Just shows that when you experiment you can get some very cool results. In the first image the exposure is spot on and the colours really pop. Great to see you using the different settings and really thinking about each shot before you take it – YAY Erin! Image 2 is not perfect, you’re right, but there is something very nice about her expression and the dreamy look. Something interesting to try would be to angle a table lamp to shine a little light into her face and try this shot again using the different white balance settings. You might be surprised by what you can achieve with just a simple lamp.

    • The Tungsten look reminds me of the look many photos had in the 70s.
      Thanks for your encouraging words for the other photos, the mandarin was something very different for me, but admit much easier when subject doesn’t move;)
      Image 2- she’d just discovered my instagram account and was engrossed, pictures tell a story

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