A Painted Sky

A Painted Sky

8 week online workshop
lesson 1
Activity 2:Semi Automatic (Creative) modes

For these two shots I set the ISO to 100 and used the TV setting on my Canon 600D
I love how I was able to capture the depth of colour by having control over the shutter speed.
I was a little frustrated with not being able to take a panorama shot of the beautiful sky before me.

IMG_3466 IMG_3437

I'm a SAHM of three. I have been home educating for 15 years. Photography is a new hobby after being gifted a DSLR two years ago. Am wanting more control over my pictures so I don't have to take loads of photographs to get one good image.


  1. These are beautiful images! The colours reflecting in the clouds are beautiful, very warm and true to life.

  2. Wow Chareen you’ve captured beautiful colours. Very rich and intense. Well done. It looks like it was fairly dark so to have an ISO of 100 I imagine it was a longish shutter speed and perhaps using a tripod.

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